Almost done with the first round of looking at homes!

Debs and I spent a good part of saturday looking at quite a few houses around town. We selected 6 from a list that we liked. 2 of them have made it through that list, while the others were dropped in a heart beat!

Pictures online can be VERY deceiving. I fell in love with this one house on Patterson, but when we got there, the place was a nightmare! There were a few other houses like this as well. And two that we added at the last minute? They jumped to the top of our list! There are two ranchers in the Glen Allen area we are looking at…one expensive, the other cheap. The cheaper one is perfect, and could use some simple work with the money we save to make it REALLY cool.

Last night, Nate sent me a few more houses around town that were great deals, but I was not fond of the areas. But we found a nice house in Southside (thats REALLY NOT that far away). After talking to the realator, we are checking it and another house down the street out tomorrow. You get a little bit more for your money down there, which is good with me!

We very well could be putting a bid on a house this weekend. More info on that when it happens…

But one big thing I have learned so far is that you CAN NOT WAIT when it comes to this. For example, when you buy a car, you can ALWAYS get the car you like from somewhere else. But when you really like a house, it could ONLY be on the market that week! Therefore if you wait, you loose. While I may not fall in love with EVERYTHING in a house, I fall in love with most of it, and way the pros and cons against the other places.

While this has been a VERY stressful time…this is a whole lot of fun as well!

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3 thoughts on “Almost done with the first round of looking at homes!

  1. Oh I so remember the days from our first home buy. What a hectic time but we managed to do it with relative ease in a short amount of time. Went with a mortgage broker to find best deal when it came to the financing part. Summer of 2002 was when we bought our home. So, if you have any questions, I’m sure I remembered most of the details.

  2. Hi, I just happened by your blog. I go to closing on my house next week (in the Lakeside area). This is actually my second time buying a house, but my first time buying one by myself. I’m new to the area, and I spent a VERY long time looking before buying (I started looking in June, and was earnestly searching by August, and didn’t have a ratified contract until January). My unsolicited advice is to not be in a big hurry. Even if you feel like you found just the right house, make sure you are getting it on terms you can live with.

    I couldn’t agree more with you on the deceptiveness of pictures. Some houses are more photogenic than others, but don’t hold up to in-person examination. Other houses don’t look like much in the MLS listing picture, but have a lot of charm in person. The first house I owned wasn’t one of my favorites from the stack of listings we had, but since it was down the street from another house we were seeing, we stopped it. The listing only showed the outside, and it didn’t look like much, but the inside had us floored. Move-in condition with fresh paint, Pergo floors and a vaulted ceiling. I definitely think there is a lot of opportunity out there for realtors to get better (and more) pictures of their properties made. Maybe now that the market has slowed some, properties will be up for sale long enough to make that effort worthwhile.

    Anyway, good luck with your search.

  3. I agree totally with “harryhomeowner”…”not to be in a big hurry”. Take the time to look and look and then look some more. There are houses everywhere and you and Debs will find the right one soon enough. It’s great that you guys are ready to take this step going forward, but make them baby steps, slow and steady. Note: Parents are a great resource.

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