Happy Birthday to me!

So last saturday was my birthday. I turned a really old 24 years old.

My wonderful wife threw a little party at the best microbrewery around, and we had over 25 people show up! Some great food, and some REALLY amazing beer. I had a few Brown Ale’s (my fav), and then Nate bought me a sampler where I chose some of their seasonal brews (including an amazing tripel). After the dinner, we went down to 1411 to have a little party, which ended up being more like chilling out.

We did all this friday, since a friend of ours came back from Ireland on saturday. All day on my birthday I pretty much kicked backed and watched a few movies – since debs wasnt feeling to well. Later on that night we got some dinner and then went to Richbrau and then came back to our place (well…next door actually) – till about 4:30. Somehow I managed to wake up at 8:30 on Sunday.

Id like to say thank you to all who came out, that is the best present you could ever give someone. And I also want to thank my wonderful lady for everything she does. Ill be posting more about some other stuff that has been going on recently shortly!

Listening To: ‘Amber Waves’ by Tori Amos


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