rdesktop in Mac OS X


Doesn’t this screenshot look cool?

RDP is a cool feature that lets you run a client on any machine to connect to a remote Windows computer (in my case Windows XP). This can easily be done from a PC using ‘mstsc’ which is Microsoft Terminal Services Client. On the mac, you have a few options.

Most people just stick with Microsoft’s Remote Desktop client for the Mac, but I have found it to be REALLY slow at times, has not been updated in forever, and just not that many cool features. A little while another cool app hit the net called “CoRD“. This is a Cocoa wrapper for rdesktop, an old *NIX RDP client. It allows for multiple connections, some easy settings, etc.

I have noticed that CoRD was also a lot faster than using Microsoft’s RPD client. But, I was wondering, if I had even less runing, would it work even better? Also, I really enjoy having my RDP sessions full screen (espc. over my fancy 2Mb upload connection), which CoRD doesnt allow yet.

It was just as easy as going to rdesktop.org, downloading the source, and expanding it. Compiling only took about a minute and gave me a Intel build of rdesktop. You can then execute this in X11.app with a few command line arguments, and there you go!

Its fast too. Over the internet, it felt ‘REAL’, and prob. the best RDP connection I have ever used. I would love to try to add some more code to see if I can make it a LITTLE easier to use, but still keep it very clean and fast. I just think the way it displays is pretty cool as well.


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