What a lazy, but productive, weekend

This weekend was nothing but sitting on the couch with my lady and watching movie after movie. But somehow, I managed to get more than usual done. Most everyone was out of town this weekend, so we just relaxed by ourselves. Next weekend is going to be busy though…I turn 24.

We are well on our way for buying a house….it may happen by mid year sometime. Courtney is moving out soon (she got a new job – congrats courtney!), and I am ready to do the same! We meet with a finance advisor thursday to go into the details of our credit (which they reported as perfect), our plans, etc.  Debs and I have also been keeping our eyes a bit more open on to what we really like in a house, so we are more organized than we were before.

I designed a new notebook with Microsoft OneNote 2007 for this entire process. Basically, I have a notebook that Debs and I will share, with details about meetings we have, possible purchases, to-dos, etc. I plan on possibly making this notebook VERY generic and universal, so it could be used by others.

The super bowl was nice, we went to a friends house and ate way too much. That was a mistake…I feel like crap today, and just want to go back to sleep. Oh well..it will pass im sure by midday.

I need to get back to work. Ive been wanting to post more here, but either when I get the time I get ‘writers-block’ and have no idea what to talk about, and when I do want to post, im just to busy at work. Things have been changing there (for the better, I guess), but my mind is still going elsewhere…we will see what happens there.

Listening To: saws going through drywall.


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