FIOS Install!

Ok, im writing this post kinda late. Its 2:30, and im part way through my FIOS install from Verizon. The tech got here shortly after 10, and has been here since. Well, the only thing he has done has installed my battery backup and boxes outside. No live connection yet, not even ANY setup inside.

Whats the hold up?

Tech support.

He has been sitting in his truck now since 12 waiting for my line to be ‘live’ in the system. I really just dont understand. This could have been turned on a while ago. This also shouldnt be THAT hard to turn on either. Im not complaning – i get to work from home today – but come on!

I will be doing a much better writeup, layout diagram, and end-user reviews of the service, once its running. In the meantime, I guess ill just watch the snow fall.

Listening To: Law and Order reruns on TV


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