Somehow we fell in love?!

I know I just posted a little bit ago that we dont know if we would ever fall ‘in love’ with one house…but we did!

We went to look at a set of houses on Sunday. This time, we were mostly looking around Lakeside, and we were then going to head out to southside again to take a second look at a few places. I really liked one house we found in Lakeside (actually, it was about 6 houses down from where my friend Elaine grew up)…but when we saw it in person…I almost died. Throughout the entire house…i was saying “WTF is up with that?!”. Basically, it looked like the previous owners liked to add on stuff to the house, with no intent of ever finishing it. There was actually a WALL WITH A DOOR outside on the patio…where you could just walk around the wall (on the grass) to get to the other side. Wow.

The second house we pulled up to…and it just looked ‘cleaner’. After walking in, I just wanted to run around the place like a little kid hanging out with Charlie in the Chocolate Factory. Everything was JUST perfect. Layout was awesome. Yes, the house was a rancher, pretty large (just shy of 1500 sq feet), but EVERYTHING had a place…and there wasnt much waste at all. It also has a Den, Florida Room, and a Deck! The best part – Debs sister-in-law’s mom is the previous owner.

After some hesitation (and visiting yet another house), we grabbed a bite to eat, and then went back to our place to work on the contract. By 7pm, we had submitted the one and only contract on the house! The house had only been on the market for a little less than a week.

Yesterday was insane with a  bunch of contract changes (more on that later), but overall busy. After work I went downtown with debs to the realtor’s house to sign a few more papers. Well, about 30 min later, we had confirmation that they signed the contract!

So next comes the fun part of getting everything done in the next 2 months. We close on May 1st, which will be interesting. But there is SO much to do in the meantime.

Oh – and the house is in Lakeside, REALLY close to Hungary Road and Woodman Road.

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Bye Bye Verizon….Hello….


Debs and I made the decision last night…and by using a little online trick…we got out of our contract for FREE, since we didnt like the 50% hike in text message rates (OF COURSE!). I expected this to take us forever, multiple calls, etc. Well, the tier 0 girl said she was fine, and we just had to talk to a supervisor, who was very nice as well. Our contract ends on March 12th.

So, then, clicking around online, I noticed that Sprint still had their SERO accounts open to the public. This is where you basically get Sprint Employee Family and Friends discount. And this discount is amazing.

I got 550 minutes, nights starting at 7pm. Then, I also got FREE UNLIMITED PowerVision (EVDO data plan). For $30. I actually got two of these. The family plan for the same minutes was $60, BUT – you didnt get the Vision/PowerVison stuff. I then added texting to both of our accounts. So, now we each have 550 minutes and all these features, and its STILL free to call each other!

Debs picked the Product(Red) Moto RAZR. I picked up myself the Moto Q – a phone I really wanted at Verizon. Unf…both phones are out of stock…but they expect to ship next week! And the best thing – is that since I have unlimited data – I can use all the features of the phone (google stuff, IE, etc…) for free (almost)!

Of course, ill be writing about the phone once i get it.

This means we now have two phones to sell (YAY!). A Pink Moto RAZR (brand new really), and then my LG VX-8600. If anyone here wants to upgrade, ill sell it for ‘cheaper’ than I would on ebay – but still looking for about $150 on her phone, and $225 at least on mine. These will be going on ebay once we get the new ones.

Also – our numbers should not be changing. It looks like we may have an issue and get a new number, but since this should be resolved before the 12th, we should be able to keep them. If we dont…we will let everyone know the new ones!

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To Wait or Not Wait?

So, I have come to a problem.

We cant fall in love!

We have quite a few houses now (Southside, Glen Allen, AND LAKESIDE) we really like. But nothing that JUMPS out at me. And the thing is…I dont think I can ever see that! I know what I like, would I would want, etc. But….other than that…there is NOTHING else that stands out there and screams THIS IS IT. And debs is feeling the same way.

I dont know if we should wait….see if there is something else that comes out on the market that we like, etc. The thing is by the time we maybe DO find something….one of our original top choices is gone. Also, we actually DONT have that much time…we have to have a place to live by the end of May. We dont want to resign our lease, prices are GREAT right now, etc.

BUT – I do have new info. After the responses I have gotten recently, I tried a LITTLE harder to look for something on this side of the river. And I found quite a few places. We added them (about 4) to our list to see on saturday….and only one of the ones in southside. I have REALLY moved this one house to the top of my list that is right near Glenside and Staples Mill. It has a garage and everything!

The other side of the river…

So, quite a few things have happened over the last week that change the way we were looking at houses.

Debs and I have lived in the Westend(ish) area our entire lives. From Lakeside, to Shortpump, and now just Westend Henrico. If you know/are from Richmond, you may know that most people from the westend REALLY dont go to Southside that much, and vice versa. And when you get to Southside, its like a whole different town. Since Rt. 288 came, this has changed a whole lot, but there still is some separation.

Well kids, things are a WHOLE LOT cheaper in Southside…even in the REALLY nice areas.

So, we started looking at some houses, one as close as a block away from one of our friends. There is another house about 3 miles away (and about a mile away from another friend) that is NOW at the top of our list. It has a garage, large living area, cool layout, and huge kitchen. Its also a really nice area! And its just about as cheap as the cheapest house we were looking at in Glen Allen. The entire inside would have to be repainted – that will be fun. But when walking in there, I could just see all of our stuff laid out!

Now what to do….and that will be in my next post….

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Almost done with the first round of looking at homes!

Debs and I spent a good part of saturday looking at quite a few houses around town. We selected 6 from a list that we liked. 2 of them have made it through that list, while the others were dropped in a heart beat!

Pictures online can be VERY deceiving. I fell in love with this one house on Patterson, but when we got there, the place was a nightmare! There were a few other houses like this as well. And two that we added at the last minute? They jumped to the top of our list! There are two ranchers in the Glen Allen area we are looking at…one expensive, the other cheap. The cheaper one is perfect, and could use some simple work with the money we save to make it REALLY cool.

Last night, Nate sent me a few more houses around town that were great deals, but I was not fond of the areas. But we found a nice house in Southside (thats REALLY NOT that far away). After talking to the realator, we are checking it and another house down the street out tomorrow. You get a little bit more for your money down there, which is good with me!

We very well could be putting a bid on a house this weekend. More info on that when it happens…

But one big thing I have learned so far is that you CAN NOT WAIT when it comes to this. For example, when you buy a car, you can ALWAYS get the car you like from somewhere else. But when you really like a house, it could ONLY be on the market that week! Therefore if you wait, you loose. While I may not fall in love with EVERYTHING in a house, I fall in love with most of it, and way the pros and cons against the other places.

While this has been a VERY stressful time…this is a whole lot of fun as well!

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Happy Birthday to me!

So last saturday was my birthday. I turned a really old 24 years old.

My wonderful wife threw a little party at the best microbrewery around, and we had over 25 people show up! Some great food, and some REALLY amazing beer. I had a few Brown Ale’s (my fav), and then Nate bought me a sampler where I chose some of their seasonal brews (including an amazing tripel). After the dinner, we went down to 1411 to have a little party, which ended up being more like chilling out.

We did all this friday, since a friend of ours came back from Ireland on saturday. All day on my birthday I pretty much kicked backed and watched a few movies – since debs wasnt feeling to well. Later on that night we got some dinner and then went to Richbrau and then came back to our place (well…next door actually) – till about 4:30. Somehow I managed to wake up at 8:30 on Sunday.

Id like to say thank you to all who came out, that is the best present you could ever give someone. And I also want to thank my wonderful lady for everything she does. Ill be posting more about some other stuff that has been going on recently shortly!

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