Rock Out!

I was doing my rounds on some of my favorite band’s websites, mainly NIN and The Smashing Pumpkins. Boy was I happy…

I had not checked recently, but if you go to, they mention that the new album is pretty far along and will be released sometime this year, and even have a few pictures (you only ever see Jimmy though). There is still no details on WHO else is in the band other than Jimmy and Billy. The one cool thing I liked? If you click around enough (going to the Myspace page, the livejournal page, etc), Jimmy talks about one track that has ‘eight guitars in glorious harmony’. One can only imagine…

Nine Inch Nails is also in final mixing of a new album that will be coming out this spring. Im a huge fan of ‘With Teeth’ and really feel that each album is better than the last. I also love the pictures that they post from the studio, the road, etc. But Trent with a beard? (By the way…that photographer they use is AMAZING). Unf. from posts made to the site earlier by Trent, they may not be doing an american tour with the new album :(.

BUT, they will be releasing a DVD/HD-DVD/BlueRay version of the tour that Debs and I got to go see…which is beautiful. I will be buying this the day it comes out. Check out to see all the details!

On a complete different subject – this weather is crazy. Twice today it has been snowing randomly (and pretty hard) while the sun is fully out. Before the last time, you actually could not see outside it was snowing so hard. Very freaky – almost like a scene from Volcano.

Well, its time to get back to installing a pretty cool mail server here at work…of course while rocking out thanks to my iPod 🙂

Listening to: ‘Suck (live)’ by Nine Inch Nails


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