Windows has poor people-skills

As mentioned in my previous post, I rebuilt my desktop on Saturday morning. The machine had started slowing down, things locking up, and other random quirky issues. I decided (espc. with my current PC use), that a rebuild would be the best thing to do, and then I would limit the ammount of ‘crap’ I put on my machine, and espc. test it before I do.

I got to thinking though (since im really more of a Mac user now than anything)…why does Windows do this to user accounts? For the average Mac user, its very easy to see ‘what you have running’. For the PC, its actually a lot harder, since there are SO many background services that people will run without even thinking. And over time, this can make your machine crawl.

The rebuild went very smoothly, and my PC feels much ‘cleaner’ again. Luckily documenting my plans, processes, and  ideas really helped. I just wish I didnt have to do this almost twice a year 🙂

Listening To: Keyboard clatter on the laptop and sirens. Not those sirens….these!


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