On the move

Ive been running around like usual the last few days, but im finally getting things done, which really makes me feel good. Its been a big week as well… today is my good friend (and co-worker) Nate’s last day here. Its going to weird not working with him anymore, but of course wish him the best at whatever job he ends up doing.

With work, Ive been trying to be a lot more efficient with my time and tools to just get things done. Work can really be rewarding when things ‘just work’, and I would like to see that more often. Ill be taking my first trip of the year this weekend, going back to Charlotte, NC. While this trip is involved (we are basically swapping around actual Xserves and the systems that run on them, not the services that run on those systems)…it should be pretty easy with the right planning. We will see how that works….

I also have yet again decided to rebuild my desktop, but this time, again with a ‘getting things done’ goal. Right now, I have loaded a bunch of random things on there that I really dont use. Over time, the machine has slowed down WAY to much, and is just a pain to use at times. By installing a limited, but really useful application set, I can get more things done, and spend less time doing them. Using tools like ‘ta-da lists‘, I have made online ‘checklists’ documenting my progress through the entire process.

Listening To: ‘Taxi Ride’ by Tori Amos


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