My Macworld 2007 Review

If you have not seen yet, Apple announced the iPhone and the Apple TV at the Macworld Expo today. Oh, and they changed their name from Apple Computers Inc. to Apple Inc.

Just like any other geek, espc. being an Apple geek, today is somewhat of a big day. Here at work, they even bought us pizza and we sat around the TV watching the feeds from and Engadget. One thing I thought was odd – they talked about the iPhone for 1.5 hours, the Apple TV for only 30 minutes.

They think the iPhone is a big deal. And it is…really. But personally? Im not interested. Theres no reason for me to get one…and MORESO at that price point. Apple has been doing a real good job recently on GREAT price points for what you get, but to me, the iPhone isnt there. I dont want to drop $500-$600 for a phone, espc. on a first revision. Yah, its an iPod, but only an 8GB one. I do think this thing looks awesome, and can not WAIT to see it in action, and even personalized. But, if anything, I really think this shows us where apple is going.

For example, look at the interface for the iPod (1-5.5G). All the same. One of my biggest pet-peves with the iPod is that the interface can not be customized, and just doesnt look that cool anymore. After playing with a Zune for 10 minutes, while the Human-device interaction sucked, the GUI was amazing. Apple needs to stay ahead of the game, and if ANYTHING, just change the damn colors! Or better yet, lets simplify/unify the new Front Row interface. For example, make the menus match (as much as possible), make the top level menu match (icons rather than another menu), and lets make it all in black :). This would also help many ‘switchers’ see the connections between both the iPod and FrontRow…and personally I think using the two together would really help. Also, now that Apple has popped the lid on a widescreen, touch-sensitive device, why not throw that in as well.

What did excite me about Macworld ’07 was the Apple TV. For a while I have been testing different web-based media centers to work with my Wii and my media, espc. my music. Well, with the Apple TV, it just works. I would also be more willing to add my movies to my iTunes library, so I can share those as well. After talking to Deborah this afternoon, we are REALLY looking at the Apple TV to do all of this. And at the $299 price point, its just right. For a while we were thinking about buying a mini to hook up to the TV and then also take upstairs for a desktop, but that really is overkill (espc. now that they are starting at $599). Therefore, the Apple TV just makes sense.

I am supprised on how they managed this keynote. Yes, the phone is the coolest thing ever, but only two products, both which are still not available? What about new displays? iLife and iWork ’07? What about a new wide-screen iPod? Oh well….theres always the ‘One More Thing…’ thing they could pull šŸ™‚

Listening To: ‘Let It All Bleed Out’ by Rob Zombie


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