New Phone! LG Vx 8600!

Sorry about the delay in this post. I wrote it the week before Christmas, and never got around to publishing it. So therefore, the times are about a week off :). Lets get to the story…

Verizon lets you upgrade your phones every two years (at the end of your contract) for the same price as a new customer with a two year plan, and usually $50 more off. Debs got a RAZR for free in August, due to these rebates. Well, I picked up the LG Vx8600 on Monday, for a pretty decent price ($129 after a $50 mail in rebate). This phone is basically considered the ‘Flip Chocolate’…since its pretty much the EXACT same phone in a different form-factor. I saw this phone a while ago on Engadget, but did not pay much attention. Over the previous weekend we ran to a few stores, checked out phones, and I looked at reviews online. I found this to be one of the best deals, GREAT looking, and also a very geek-friendly phone! Done!

Verizon for the LONGEST time has been ‘castrating’ their phones of features the manuf. orig had. For example, Deborah’s RAZR has bluetooth data transfer capabilities, but the Verizon firmware locks that out. This allows Verizon to push their services like V-Cast, so you have to pay to get data transferred to your phone. In many cases, this is better. MOST people dont know how to ‘hack’ their phone or send crap to it, so Verizon takes the step to do it a ‘tested’ and ‘official’ way. But for people like me, this sucks! I dont want to pay for a service that I should be able to do myself!  When Verizon released the Motorola Q, this changed. The Q and my LG Vx8600 are some of the first phones from Verizon to support a lot more in the Bluetooth stack.

What does this mean? Well, in simple terms, I can link my phone and MacBook Pro together, and send and recieve pictures, movies, and audio from my phone that I make/record. If I ever want to use the ‘music player’ features of my phone, I just can send them right from my computer.

Whats the catch? There are 2 folders for EACH thing! My Photos and then My Pictures, My Music and My Sounds, My Videos and My Clips (or something like that). The firmware ONLY lets me put mp3’s in the My Music Folder. And better yet, I cant use any audio clips in My Music folder as Ringtones! Oh well, of course there are ways to get past this too…

Using a software called BitPim, I can see all folders on my phone, contacts, SMS messages, call logs, etc. Ive actually been using this app for a while with my Vx7000, but it was very confusing, and in the end, didnt work right. This was because I had to install a slew of drivers, do some weird setup, just to hope to get the program and the phone to connect. But with bluetooth and my new phone, it just works! When I actually do the transfer of items to my new phone, I plan on writing something up then too.

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10 thoughts on “New Phone! LG Vx 8600!

  1. Tell me more about the MBP sync! I’m looking for a new phone… since my work provided cell phone completely sucks. It’s so bad I can’t even get signal and talk in my house! Booo Sprint, Horraaayy Verizon! So anyway, how much syncing will your phone do with the MBP? I want to wait and see what the “iPhone” brings but it will probably be too expensive.

  2. i’m having problems with BitPim connecting with my phone, i’ve got my powerbook to connect with bluetooth but not the program… any ideas?

  3. On my phone, I told it to make it ‘discoverable’ as well as stay that way for a bit (I think its only a minute).

    When you got your powerbook to connect, you SHOULD be able to browse the file system on it (to an extent, you will only see like My Pics, My Vids and My Music). I then closed that out, and then with BitPim, connected again to the phone.

    As far as troubleshooting, there are two things you can do. First, I am pretty sure that BitPim will find and sync the phone itself, so dont worry about doing that on the OS if you want to use BitPim. Second, BitPim has a really nice ‘find my phone’ feature, that will scan what it can find…and this can help you debug if BitPim even sees your phone.

  4. I just ordered my phone and ended up paying $29.99 with new every 2 $100 discount and $50 online discount. I was wondering if I will be able to connect this phone with palm and use it to dial? On my current phone Motorola E815 I was not able to.

  5. I think it is possible through the phone, but I dont know how Verizon blocks this. I think you can poss. even get EVDO support (since the phone does EVDO). Unf, I have not tried this on my Mac (I know its not on my plan, and I dont even want to know how much they would charge me!)

  6. i am having a really hard time trying to connect the vx8600 to bitpim. i can get to file exchange but i want the files that are on my g4 to go to the phone. they are both paired and everything. anything i am missing?…

  7. I have the bitpim and i Dled the driver from google and it works awesome…it took me a few days …but i got my phone for 30 bucks as well with the online discount…but i will warn you all with the phone…ive had to get it replaced twice because your text messaging freezes…its something with the software but other then that..the phone is awesome

  8. Just wondering where you got your driver for the 8600? I can’t find it after googling it. I have BitPim but it doesn’t find my phone.

    I hate this phone but I got it for 2 years and I want some nice tones instead of some Casio keyboard sounds.

  9. Its been a while since I wrote this post, and shortly after I got this phone, I then switched to Sprint, and actually now back with Verizon. As far as the drivers, at one time they were actually available on LG’s website. They were taken down not to long after though, and I had to search the web to find them. Unf, I dont have that link anymore. For some reason though, I thought I remember there being a possible link off the BitPim site.

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