Post from the Wii!

The wii browser came out this morning. I am making this post from my couch. Boy is it fun to type on an on-screen keyboard with the wiimote! Now back to some more messing around.


6 thoughts on “Post from the Wii!

  1. I know, I saw that it was available this morning, but didn’t have time to mess with it before work. It really wigs me out every time I pop my head out of my room and see that pulsating blue glow waving at me in the darkness. Maddie says it’s “weird.”

  2. I can’t believe Nate was able to surrender his Wii to Tess! I want one so bad man… any suggestions? Tips? Leads?

    Sounds like a good PC replacement. Haha 🙂

  3. It works great really. Its an older version of Flash (7 maybe 8 rather than 9). So therefore, it cant play EVERYTHING. But for most things it works great. AJAX works great, so google maps, documents, and mail works fine. I personally use it for playing with ‘media center’ like webapps,, etc. Im toying with a few internally hosted Media Center webapps still. We have a laptop that stays downstairs, and usually use that for most ‘random web browsing’.

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