Wii Forecast Channel today!

While I was on my lunch break today, I saw in my blogs that the “Forecast Channel” for the Wii was released this morning. When I went downstairs to check the Wii, it was glowing with this new message as well! At the bottom of the message you can click the button to run the update, which starts the update for you. The update took only about 3 minutes to download, apply, and let me start it up.

Once getting into the new channel, you first tell it your state (they call it region), then city (Richmond was on the top of the list when I clicked on Virginia). After checking the date on your system, it displays the temperature, forecast, and a few other things. I also took a few minutes and played with the globe feature. This allows you to work with something that looks JUST like Google Earth. You can spin the globe around, and then see the weather all across the world!

In the end, its nothing that special, but still fun to play with!

But, some of the best news was released today as well. On friday, the ‘trial’ version of Opera for the Wii will be available. This basically allows you to surf the web on the TV. It also opens the possibility of adding more games, by using certian sites like WiiCade. I also plan to test it out on some internal stuff, like hosting some type of iTunes/web music interface. Ill post any information I find out on this as I get to it!

Listening To: ‘A.D.D.’ by System of a Down


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