Christmas Shopping!!

I swear, one year, I will REALLY remember how annoying it is to wait too late, and not do ALL my shopping online. This year I managed to pick up most of my gifts online, but still not all. While shopping has been easier this year that previous, its still been ‘busy’..

With so many tools available now, next year may be the year that we not only save massive ammounts of money on gifts, but we get them early and ready to go, all without leaving the house!

This year I managed my list, as well as the list I had made for my wife using Google Docs. I created a spreadsheet for my wife. Then, I would tally up totals so I didnt go over our ‘limit’. But, I could have taken this a step further…

Why not also create a list with our ideas for the friends and family, and then share that with her? I tried, but we only had a few gifts left to pick up, and it really wasn’t worth spending the extra time. But for next year, I will share these lists for her so we can track our spending, update in real-time together, as well as keep a reminder of everything we have left to purchase.

Sorry for this quick small little blurb. Ill be posting more as the week goes on, but now, there are e-mail servers to attend to!!

Listening To: ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas’ by Coldplay


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