Like usual, I have been quite busy at work, and not really up to doing much of anything on a computer after work. Most nights we make dinner, watch some TV or a movie, and just vedge out. The last few weeks have been exciting though, with buying cars, parties, planning, etc.

Debs and I started looking at houses last week. We are looking at a few in the Lakeside and Westend area of the Richmond ‘burbs…where we both grew up. There are some nice 3 bed, 1.5 bath, 1000+ sq. foot locations that we have our eyes on. We have not gone as far as making an leads or even visiting, but def. window shopping online. Im ready to start building some equity in a house, and I would rather get a nice little place in the middle of everything than a larger house in the middle of the sticks.

The holiday’s are really grooving now – and im excited. I always really like the way everything looks durring the holidays, how people react, and how ‘busy’ everything is. Everything really flys by, but its awesome while it lasts. Other than the traffic, I love just getting out and ‘seeing’ people, and being in the middle of it all.

Talking about traffic – I hate short pump, and I hate working in innsbrook. I have basically 2 routes to get back home. Well, since the main one was backed up, I took Broad St home last night. Well, at pretty much EVERY intersection on the way home there was SOME backup or wreck! What usually takes me about 5 minutes to get home took about 20 minutes.

Over the weekend, we went with nate to get a new car. He was offered a great deal on a 2006 Altima Special Edition, as well as a steal on a 2006 Sentra SE-R. We then went to the Mazda dealership to test out a 2007 Mazda3, which was awesome, but not worth it. They want 19k for a BASE model, where you can get a FULLY LOADED Versa from Nissan for 18k. After returning to the Nissan dealership, taking the SE-R out for a spin, he decided on that. Its silver, and pretty close to the looks of my sentra (well, my sentra is actually a 1.8s with the SE-R looks package), but a bit faster. I got a chance to drive this car, and its actually a lot better off the line.

His purchase sparked my interest back into doing something with my car, or at least spending more time doing stuff with it. Ive started checking out a few of the online forums more often, as well as looking into upgrades. To start off, I may be picking up a strut-tower bar for mine, either one from Nismo or the one from nate’s SE-R if he upgrades to the Nismo one. Since this is a unibody car, these bar’s add to the overall stability of the car, and make it feel a lot more ‘sure’ when taking a turn. They also come in really handy when someone cuts you off and you have to do some NASCAR-like-move to avoid getting hit. Case in point – a few years ago, this happened to me in my 96 Cutlass Supreme on I-64. If it had not been for that bar and my car being able to handle a little bit more, I would have slid right into the middle wall.

In other news – I no longer have a Linux ‘server’ at home! After much begging, I finally just tossed (well, gave to goodwill) my old Compaq running Ubuntu. Also gave away two displays as well. After the holidays, Debs and I have discussed picking up a new computer, and my current one would become more of a media center/server.

Before giving away that server, I had a chance to do something I have always wanted to do on a *nix machine, the command ‘rm -rf /’. For those not in tune with their unix commands, this basically says ‘remove, recursively, and without asking, everything from the root of the disk’. Yup, pretty much FUBAR’s your install. It ran for a little while, and then locked up about 10 minutes later. Well, that was fun while it lasted.

Finally, I got the go ahead and I think im going to get a Flickr pro account. After I made the post yesterday, Flickr announced UNLIMITED bandwidth for pro users. I could wait a few days to see if Google does anything, but I dont know if they will. Ill be taking some time to reorganize my current photos into the correct sets, as well as hopefully using a few more of the flickr features and social networking services.

Listening To: ‘The Package’ by A Perfect Circle


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