Playing with the Wii!

I just finished uploading quite a few pictures to my flickr page, including the pictures I had from a few of our wii get togethers so far. You can click the photo to the left or click here to check the photos out. I like a few of them where I used the flash and have some stop-motion of people in mid-swing or mid-punch. Let me know what you think! Ill add more pics to this set over time as well!

By the way, I really think its time for me to move up to a Flickr Pro account. I would like to have more sets to help organize my photos, as well as access to older photos as well. The only thing holding me back is that I really would prefer to host them in Gallery still, like I used to…but I dont know of anywhere that has ‘Gallery’ hosting. If you have seen such a place (or can lend me some space), PLEASE let me know! I also have not determined if I would prefer to use Fotki or Picasa Web.

Listening To: ‘Wind Below’ by Rage Against The Machine


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