Remember the Milk with Google Calendar – its about time!

So, I have been looking at online ‘listing’ sites like Remember the Milk and Ta-da Lists for a while. I signed up with ta-da lists a few months ago to help me with organizing just lists of items, for example, my Christmas Wish List, lists of ideas of what to get others, checklists for items at work, etc.

Earlier this week, Remember the Milk announced that they now had Google Calendar integration. Tasks that had due dates would be placed on the right dates on your calendar, and to-do items with no due date could be displayed as well. If you ask me…this is the BIGGEST feature Google Calendar was already missing – it does not have todo lists.

I wanted to give a quick little run-through to show you what this means, and how easy it is to setup and use! You will need a Google Account as well as a Remember the Milk Account. You can click the below images to see larger versions of them.

  1. Go to this blog entry, and click the Google Calendar button at the bottom
  2. Create a new event. Since I have been lacking on posting here, why dont I remind myself to write a entry this weekend.
  3. Go back to your Google Calendar
  4. See those checkboxes at the top of each day, click one. This will show the tasks we just made!
  5. You can add new tasks just by clicking the (+) sign next to the date. I need to remember to pick up the milk!
  6. What about an ongoing task? All you have to do is click Settings, and then select “Show tasks with no due date”.
    Now, when I go back to the first view, I see my ongoing tasks as well!

I still hope eventually Google Calendar implements this feature themselves, but until then, this seems the best way to do so. Id love to be able to then sync all of this with iCal on my mac, but thats just hopes and dreams!

Listening To: ‘End of the Line’ by Murder By Death


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