Thank you for shopping with Nintendo!

We wanted to let you know that your order has been shipped.

I got this email while I was at lunch. I ordered the Wii Component Cables for my Wii a week or so before it came out. They have been on backorder since then, and stoped taking orders a little while back.

These cables let me get 480p out of the Wii rather than the 480i it does with standard AV cables. For those of you who dont understand what this means, basically the picture will be much sharper and look a little better. Its almost at the standard resolution of most DVD players when hooked up using component cables. Unf, due to the Wii design, it cant go any higher to 720 or 1080…yet.

Im working on some reviews and notes of the Wii since I got it which I plan to have up soon. I also will post some info once these cables come in to see any difference. I havent been able to post much since Ive been busy at work, plus spending a lot of time playing with the Wii 🙂

Listening To: ‘Red Rain’ by Peter Gabriel


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