The Wii-kend starts now :)

Update 1 – added info from earlier saturday morning
Update 2 –  added the rest of the info from the weekend…

Sorry for the cheesy name, but I just had to do it.

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few weeks, the Nintendo Wii comes out at 12AM on Sunday. I pre-ordered one back in October from a local EB Games, and I wanted to document my process of getting one of the COOLEST game systems in a long time.


  • 6:30PM – Get a phone call from a long distance number, and of course wonder who the heck it is. It happens to be a recorded message from one of the higer-ups at Nintendo of America calling to tell me the Wii is released Sunday. Then, since they have my order booked at EB games, a lady from EB games (recording again) notifies that they ARE having a midnight opening where I purchased my preorder from.
  • 8:00 PM – Go to EB Games in Short Pump (the one I got my preorder from). I wanted to pay off the rest of my Wii, as well as drop off some movies to trade in. Once all this was done, we were about to leave…but the guy that was playing the Wii left – so I gave them my license and got the controller. Of course the only game they are displaying is Excite Truck, so I played two rounds of that. Ill write up a review a little later about what I thought of the game. Before we left, discussed the plans with the employees to check about the midnight opening, when they will be re-opening, and what to expect. Its possible that we may be be checked out with our Wii (and any other purchases) before midnight, and then not be allowed to leave (or even be handed the system until 12AM).


  • 10 AMread on digg that Sears somehow ended up breaking the release date and selling some Wii’s. Contemplated going by to get one, or see if they even had some.
  • 11:30 AM – running errands, and decide to go by Wal*Mart to finish getting Christmas presents for the all the little kids. We go into the electronics section, and they had all of the Wii games placed above the GameCube games ready to sell. Ask two employees if the games are for sale yet, both immed. answer that “the console goes on sale at midnight”. Then I found a lady that looked like a manager (she was actually a vendor). She said ‘I dont know what those guys are thinking, we can sell the games now!’. Picked up Rayman Raving Rabbids, and was just about to pick up Zelda TP, but didn’t. Also, the lady said that they did have a ton of the Wii’s in the back and there were a few large boxes of controllers, but that since she wasnt a ‘full’ walmart employee, she couldnt go back there, and didnt know when they were going to put them on the floor.
  • 11:15 PM – after a dinner at captial ale house and relaxing back at home, decided it was time to head up to EB Games in Short Pump. Sat in the car for about 20 more minutes, until it started getting crowded around the door.
  • 11:40 PM – employee comes outside with a clipboard that has the names of all those who had a pre-order. Nate and I (and debs) were in the first 5 in the door. Courtney tried to join us a few minutes later, but they wouldnt let her in no matter how hard we tried.
  • Around 11:50 – Debs went back outside to join here, and then they walked to Wal*Mart to see if any of the remotes were sitting out. ALL Wii products were being held at layaway, and they said the line was a complete mess. Cops, etc. In the meantime, I had already ‘confirmed’ my Wii, had my name taped to a bag holding my new console, and was in the back checking out some of the stuff they had on display and some gamecube games.


  • 12:00 AM – ‘confirmations’ are stopped so they can hand out consoles to those who are ready to go, and also run a quick giveaway. Two people win giftcards. Guy that was in front of me wins a tshirt. I WIN A TSHIRT! It was black and had Reggie of Nintendo of America all buffed up holding the controllers. Eric (a coworker) won a Super Monkey Ball t-shirt, and we swapped because of sizes.
  • 12:05 AM – head out of EB Games, meet up with Debs and Courtney to head to the car.
  • 12:20 AM – plug everything up…fire it up, and do setup. Setup the network, which worked great on the second try (because on the first try i forgot to set the encryption, etc).
  • Till about 2AM that morning we played everything in Wii Sports as well as some of Rayman. Its hard to explain, but its amazing. I also realized that I may end up loosing a lot of weight from this thing…Wii Sports Tennis is a LOT of fun to get into!
  • For the rest of sunday, we ran around town looking for stuff. I managed to score an extra remote and nunchuck, and also had nate pick me one up. I got word today that he found some more nunchucks, so that now means I have 3 of each.

I do have a few pictures that I will post eventually. I also hope to have some reviews of some of the games (and the system) soon. I also hope to have a little Wii ‘party’ eventually to let everyone see this thing. It almost happened sunday but I had to finish getting ready for my trip!
Listening To: ‘The Autumn Effect’ by 10 Years


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