Imogen Heap – 11.16.06 @ The Norva

So last night Debs, Courtney, Nate, and I ran down to Norfolk, Virginia to go to the Norva to see Imogen Heap perform…and I have to say, its one of the best shows I have ever seen.

I first have to say that the Norva is a GREAT venue. I have heard that it actually has some of the best sound on the east coast. Its a nice big open room, that wasnt even too crowded, and had a balcony. It really reminds me of Alley Katz, a local Richmond venue (but Alley Katz is MUCH smaller). Other than some of the traffic down there, it was pretty much a straight shot down and back (other than a deer jumping out in front of the car on the way home).

So, to the music.

While we didnt catch the first opener, we did catch the end of the second who was Kid Beyond. This guy is amazing. He is a ‘beatboxer’. This means he makes beats with his voice, then samples them and then loops them on a laptop. He then will sing and perform OVER this beat that he JUST made. The sounds and energy it presents is just amazing. You can purchase his EP now on iTunes, so I think I may be picking it up (clicking that link takes you right to the EP in iTunes, so make sure you have iTunes installed).


Imogen Heap came on around 9:30. Her performance was amazing. Oddly enough, I knew every song (she only has 3 albums, some solo songs, and b-sides). The best part is that she had Kid Beyond and others come out and play with her too. So, on some of the songs, they REALLY had the place rocking. I also liked how she bounced around too, from really rocking out and screaming and then turning around playing a quiet song on the piano and NO ONE in the place moving. While Imogen did a whole lot of synth as well, she even did some ‘beatboxing’ herself. I really like when artists try to involve you in their music-making as well…and explain what they are doing. For example, Deborah didn’t fully understand what she was doing with her voice until she actually SAW Imogen sample on stage.

I got some pictures, and video, and ill post them hopefully tonight. Unf, the lights were really low in there, so the pictures may not be all that good, but I think I got some great ones still.

I have to say again, this is one of the best shows I have been to in a while. Yeah, KISS puts on a show, but stuff like that is getting old. I LOVED the NIN show for the same reason as the Imogen show – they were artistic, creative, etc. Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with pyrotechnics though :).

Listening To: ‘Look After You’ by The Fray


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