Who’s Rocking Out?

Ive been using last.fm for a while now, and I am pretty sure I have even made a few posts about it.

Last.fm is a wide range of services, mostly dealing with music. I use it to record my musical tastes, and then recommend new music to me. You can all use it as a community to learn more, download music, and even share music. I love watching trends of my ‘random’ listening, and also how those trends in the end really DONT look all that random (my favorite artists are actually just about right in my REAL order!).

On my desktop at home, I have installed one of the ‘scrobbling’ programs. This tracks the songs you listen to in WinAmp, iTunes, what have you, and then sends them to last.fm for record keeping. I used to use jscrob, but now I actually use another ‘scrobbler’ that tracks my iPod as well. This actually helps me a whole lot, since I spend MOST of my time listening to the iPod. When I sync my iPod, it checks the recently listened list, and then adds them to my last.fm record.

But im curious, are there any of my readers that are using at well? You can see from my profile that I dont have many friends on last.fm yet. Thats mainly because for a while I have only been using to record stuff, and really have not gone looking yet. If you are using last.fm, whats your username? And if your not using last.fm, you should be!

Listening To:  ‘Dragula (live) by Rob Zombie


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