My Thoughts: MacBook vs. MacBook Pro

For a while now at work, I have been using a black MacBook, 2GHz with 2GB of RAM. Well, about a week ago I switched and got a MacBook Pro with the same specs (RAM and Proc). I wanted to do a little writeup of what I felt were some ‘differences’ between the two, outside of their published specs. Of course there are definate differences between the two machines, but that is outside the scope of this post, and those are listed on Apple’s websites. I want to discuss some of the things that Apple’s site doestn’t tell you.

After I had used my MacBook for a week or so, I was already ready to switch back to my PowerBook 15″ 1.67. Why? Because of the FEEL of the machine. Personally, I like the case, tactile feedback, and look of the PowerBook/MacBook Pro cases. The MacBook plastic would even creak sometimes when moving the machine. While light and strong, it didnt really feel as ‘solid’ as the iBooks that it replaced. Also, the ‘new’ keyboard was somehow annoying to use. I just like the ‘feel’ of typing on one of the 15″ machines.

Power-wise, the MBP is a little faster. The MacBook at times actually DID feel slower than my 1.67Ghz PowerBook. Many times, the MacBook acted like it ‘had to stop and catch its breath’, which the PowerBook and MacBook Pro have not done yet. And my workflow has been the same the entire time.

To give the MacBook credit, it did not get as hot as the Pro does, or at least you cant feel it. I burnt my hand the other day picking up the Pro. Also, a black laptop just looks so cool.

Listening To: ‘Sorrow’ by Pink Floyd


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