Busy, as usual…

So I have been lacking a bit on posts recently, mainly because I have either been runing around like crazy with work, or to tired too want to be near a computer until the next day at work.

Over the weekend had a bunch of fun. Courtney’s family came up to Richmond, so we did a bunch of shopping and hanging out. I picked up a t-shirt for 97 cents, and also got a VERY NICE and warm sweatshirt-like jacket. Went to a fun birthday party that night at 1411, and learned about the joys (and pains) of playing beer pong with Rum & Cokes. Sunday I got to try the brunch at Capital Ale House with a bunch of friends. I had a $50 gift cert, so after applying that to everyones order, everyone only had to pay $5 a pop. Not to shabby.

The rest of sunday was sitting around trying to pass out, and then finally watching The Chronicles of Narnia (which was amazing!). The only problem I had is sometimes I really wished I had a house to REALLY crank up the sound. This movie when using DTS really stood out, but I found myself having to turn it down not to piss off the people next door.

This week has a lot in store for it as well. Orig, I was supposed to be in Charlotte, NC until Tuesday. Due to timing, stuff going on, etc, I am not going until the 19th.

Well, the 19th is a big day for me – thats when the Wii is coming out! I plan on getting mine really early that morning, and checking it out. Maybe we will even have pics! Wednesday is going to be pretty cool as well, Im going to The Norva to go see Imogen Heap. I plan on bringing my camera to that as well, but not sure if I am going to be able to get it in…but we will see.

Listening To: ‘Take On Me’ by Ah-Ha


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