OMG leaked Apple document! OMG!!!!!111eleven!

Confirmed touch-screen iPod?

I thought it was very funny that  people are making SUCH a big deal about this. Espc. with not reading the document that well. If you look at the first page, you notice that its actually not released, just somehow made it online. The copyright page has a few errors, and even says ‘Trademarks go here’.

What I find odd is that TUAW posted an update from MacRumors that this was actually about OLD iPods. Take another look, the document is listed from Oct 17th, 2006.  It talks about the current iPod and firmware, as well as a firmware ‘2.1’.

The best part about the document is the discussion about using these and handing out iPods to visitors to a show or something. Could you imagine how hard that would be to track? Maybe it could mean wireless access on them soon too 🙂

Listening to:  ‘Red House’ by Jimi Hendrix


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