Around the world in a song!

So, yesterday Apple released the iTunes 7.0.2 update yesterday, and I updated my Mac Book and my PC at home because it is supposed to help even more with the ‘crappy’ sound since iTunes 7.

When starting it back up on the PC, I couldn’t read anything in the music store! For some reason, the iTunes store thought i was in Germany! Of course all you have to do is select the right store on the botom, and everything works fine!

I started it up again on my Mac Book today, and noticed that U2 and Greenday had done a song together, as well as a few new album released I didnt see yesterday. Sure enough, my Mac Book thought it was in Switzerland. It didnt look like I could buy the songs though while in the other stores. Oh well…

Listening To: ‘Waking Up’ by 10 Years


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