The new .Mac webmail!

So Apple finally updated their .Mac webmail service last night, and I got a chance to mess with it this morning. I have a .Mac account for work (which I really only use to be able to recomend it to other users or some of the sync services).

The new webmail has a VERY Web 2.0 feel, and looks JUST like you were using on your mac. You can drag and drop messages  between folders, use hot keys like ‘n’ to create a new message, etc.

And the most surprising thing  – it works GREAT in Safari?

When I first heard about this update, that was the first thing to come to mind. If anyone has tried to use many web 2.0 apps (like gmail, calendar, etc), Safari just DOESNT work. While yes, there is bias and Apple may have done some of their usual magic, they did a GREAT job.

I personally prefer this interface MORE than gmail. Im not sure what it is, but the ‘classic’ mail application (with folders, 3 panes, etc) is a lot easier for me to use. But then again, gmail’s interface is VERY amazing and has many benifits that put it at the front of the group.

I would not recomend getting a .Mac account for just this new Mail, but if you already have your account, this new UI is A LOT better than the old (circa Mac OS X 10.2) look.

Listening To:  ‘China’ by Tori Amos


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