How to update your Ubuntu Server through the command line

So, before I go and wipe my Ubuntu server to switch over to Fedora or the like, I decided to try to run some updates to see if that helped anything. To my surprise, I was running Ubuntu 5.10. To my luck, 6.10 came out yesterday!

With this machine being an older Celeron, its near impossible to get anything to work in the GUI. So most of the time I just use on my Mac or PuTTY on my Windows machine. I do all of my updates with ‘apt-get‘, the fun and easy to use Debian package manager. I wanted to do a little writeup on how to do operating system updates for anyone that is interested. Once the update is done, ill check out some of this samba stuff and see if it helped at all!

  1. First you need to update /etc/apt/sources.list. Just open it up with your favorite editor
    sudo vi /etc/apt/sources.list
  2. Since I was using 5.10, at the end of all the URL’s it should say ‘breezy’. You need to change all of these to ‘edgy’. Write the file out and quit.
  3. Next, we need to update the source list by using the following command
    sudo apt-get update
  4. To upgrade to the new distro, just enter dist-upgrade!
    sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
  5. It will ask you if you want to update all of these packages, just say yes. Also, I had a few times that I had to hit ‘OK’ to confirm some postfix stuff. Since im not running any mail services, I dont need to set this up. Just keep an eye on the update since these messages delay the update.
  6. You may have to force some installs/updates. If so (I had to do this), just enter
    sudo apt-get -F install
  7. Once the upgrade is complete (it took mine forever since I was also downloading a trial game AND cygwin), restart your machine
    sudo shutdown -r now
  8. Done!

Listening To: ‘Stirb nicht vor mir (dont die before I do)’ by Rammstein


8 thoughts on “How to update your Ubuntu Server through the command line

  1. Thank alot – I had problems with 7.04 server on a Via Epia computer. Solution was to install 5.10 and upgrade all the way from there… Your solution helped me a lot on the way!


  2. Ive actually had a few problems with Via chipsets before. What may have happened is b/t 5.10 and 7.04, checking for the Via chipset was removed/changed. When i was installing a Asterisk server on a mini-itx, I had the same problem. The machine would kernal panic when booting. Just by adding a few different install-time commands, I got past this (and if you knew what to look for, could possibly install 7.04 directly).

  3. Hi,.. I have been having the same problem with my Jetway mini-itx board,.. Everything installs and then at boot up freezes with that 2 line error message,.. What are these steps that need to be taken to install 7.04 directly,.? or at least what do I need to look out for or change during setup,.?

  4. hahahaha, i believe we have the same box sets :p

    Having a mac here and a dead old celeron machine which is running ubuntu and i thought i should find a way to update that via command line since its more easier for me that way! :p

    and my my my was i suprise when i found that you were listening to “Stirb nicht vor mir” …. i was actually listening to the same thing when i got in this page! but my favourite is “Te quiero puta”

    Thanks for the tip btw 😀

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