68th National Folk Festival and other weekend activities

This weekend was the 68th National Folk Festival, hosted again here in Richmond, VA. We went last year, and loved it. This year was definitely 10 times better. Not only were there more interesting (to me) bands, it also just felt SO much larger too.

We got there around 2, walked around a little (ran into quite a few people we know as well), and then went back to see The Quebe Sisters Band play. Its ‘Texas Fiddle’ with a little Jazz and Western, which is a nice mix. Also, the girls would sing in harmony making it sound JUST like older (20’s-40’s) western. If you closed your eyes, you def. felt like you were listening to a recording coming out of an old radio or LP. They covered Duke Ellington’s (who happens to be one of my FAVORITE jazz artists) “Take The A Train”, which was amazing. They also finished off with “Georgia on my mind”, which was just as good. You can download some of their songs on their website.
Next we went to the main stage to see Don Vappie and the Creole Jazz Serenaders. They play authentic New Orleans Jazz, which also happens to be some of my favorite types of jazz. They had a great mix they played, so each and every song had a different feel. Unf, I didnt get any of their albums, but I think they topped my list in performances over the weekend.

After Don Vappie, we went to the other side of the festival to see the Skatalites. The skatalites are considered the creators of Ska music, over 40 years ago! This was a much more ‘upbeat’ group than some of the others, of course. People dancing all over the place, including this one middle aged guy REALLY getting down (and of course his wife was shaking her head in embarrassment). Cool enough – debs actually REALLY liked them (which I was kinda surprised me). So, I may actually buy some of their stuff, but they also have a few free MP3’s on their site as well that I will be sure to download.

For the rest of the night, we went to one ‘housewarming’ party, but left after about 15 min. because the cops showed up. Next we went to the house of one of the guys I was in the IS program with, which was nice as well.

Sunday was pretty much making a HUGE breakfast, and then doing various things around the house, including almost finishing up debs laptop. I have put the Toshiba image on, and took everything she didnt need off (which was a LOT), and then still need to install a few more items. This week I do hope to start writing up some of my posts on the old Mac days, as well as possibly publish some other posts I had sitting around.

Listening To: ‘Say Goodbye (live)’ by Dave Matthews Band


3 thoughts on “68th National Folk Festival and other weekend activities

  1. I was there on Saturday, too. Le Vent du Nord, Hazel Dickens, Appalachian ballads. A lot of fun. And my parents even had a good time, which is an amazing feat.

  2. I wanted to go check out the festival, but I had other plans. I’m looking forward to it next year, from your post it sounds like something I’ll really enjoy!

  3. Im not sure if it is going to be in Richmond next year, I think I remember Nate saying something about it moving from location to location every two years.

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