Dipping Into the Utility Folder – a new set on TUAW

One of my daily reads happens to be The Unofficial Apple Weblog, which always seems to have some great information on a daily basis, and news thats interesting as well as never really boring.

Well, they started a new set today called “Digging Into the Utility Folder”, which the first post is talking about Console.app. These little blurbs are GREAT for some of those new mac users 🙂

I used many of these tools EVERY day, including Directory Access, Disk Utility, X11, and of course I spend 75% or more of my day using Terminal. I was planning on starting a writeup of some of these apps, but just havent gotten the time.

But this is a GREAT time to talk about a new set of stuff I plan on writing about soon…which is currently named ‘When Universal Binaries were called Fat Binaries’. Im going on my 12 years of mac experiance to tell you about the ‘good ole days’ when the FIRST (68k to PPC) transition took place. While the current Mac OS is really a derivative of NEXTSTEP, many of the TOOLS were actually around in the Classic Mac OS. I plan on discussing Apps, the OS, and just how some common things were done. While I dont have a full list or time frame in mind yet, I do plan to start this set sooner than later.

Listening To: ‘Closer (live)’ by Nine Inch Nails


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