My new RSS Reader – and the new Google Reader

Happen to be the same thing πŸ™‚


As with AIM clients – I also have still been trying to find my fit with RSS readers. My computer habbits have changed over the last few months. For example, since Courtney has been living with us, I really dont spend that much time AT ALL in front of my Windows computer any more, where I used to use RSS Bandit for my RSS Feeds. Recently, I was using NetNewsWire Light to read my news on my Mac and would just check it every few hours/minutes/seconds for the most up to date news.

But last week, Google did a major update to their Google Reader software. I used Google Reader a little while when it first came out, but started getting annoyed because its UI didnt match how I liked to read my RSS feeds – which is a BIG problem. To me, it was confusing on how my feeds were managed, how to look at particular groups of feeds, etc.

But the new reader…amazing. It lets me organize my feeds in the same way I had them in NNW and RSS Bandit. And, I was able to upload my OPML file into Google Reader, and pick up right where I left off with NNW. Also, right at the top there, I can get a link to a ‘river of news‘ type of listing, which I use the most. Some other features that the new reader has includes staring posts (same idea of staring mail messages in gmail) and sharing your posts (which I think allows you to make a list of your ‘top’ posts you read, and let others see that from you).

Whats the best new feature? I can check from anywhere – and it all looks the same :). My main problem with being a Mac and Windows user is that if I read a bunch of posts on my Mac, I would have to manually mark everything as read on the Windows side. There was no ‘real’ way to sync everything. This has been a big topic for a few YEARS now in the RSS Reader community, and there is still no ‘easy’ way to do it! Now I can check my messages throughout the day at work, and then pick back up where I left off at home while watching TV or something.

A few of you may remember the little ‘Gcal app’ that I did on windows a few months ago, which was just a simple browser set to go to Gcal in its own window. Well, once Google comes out with an API for the new reader (there isnt one yet, but they have announced that one was coming eventually), I plan on making another one, but this time based on Google Reader. Basically, I would love to have a little app that minimized to the system tray, would check my feeds over time, and then have some type of notification when a new post arives and a numerical representation of how many unread posts I had. This could also be integrated into Mail and Calendar, and pop up info about new messages and calendar events. We will see what happens πŸ™‚

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