Random keeps things going…

Its been a while, unfortunately, since I have actually had a non-tech blog entry. While the new, more tech related posts have been really bringing some traffic in, I still like keeping up to date with what else is going on in life :). Ive been quite busy, but enjoying ALL of it.

This weekend was a bit more random than others in a while, which really made it a blast. Friday we just finished watching ‘The Last Samurai’, and went to bed kind of early. Saturday, we did a few things around the house, and then that afternoon, just kinda relaxed. I went to bed early due to a headache, but told Courtney to let us know if anything was going on, that I would like to get out of the house.

About an hour later, Nate showed up, and we went down to Oregon Hill, right near camus. There was a pretty laid back party there, which actually turned out to be fun. We decided to leave around 1:30 or so, and a friend that rode with us would catch a ride home later.

Debs and I get home, and stayed up a little while longer since the tow trucks were having a field day. Talked to a few people outside that were moving there car, watching a jeep get yanked, etc. Well, a little while after 3, the phone rings. Its another friend, Hillary, who says we need to go back downtown to get the one we left. I didnt go to sleep until 4 something, but actually didnt mind :).

Sunday we all went to Aunt Sarah’s, which I tried Kielbasa and Eggs, a GREAT combo. Then, we had a toss up…wine festival in carytown, or checking out Hollywood Cemetary. Chose to go to hollywood, since debs and I had never been there. Took some GREAT pics while there, which I posted on flickr today. (BTW, free users can only make 3 sets, which I dont like. Im really thinking of going up to the Pro account).

Afterwards, we went right over to southside for the first Beer and Jazz fest from Legends. While not a big turnout (there were less than 50 people there while we were there), it was quite a bit of fun. You spend $12, and you get a glass and 4 tickets. Those tickets then get changed in for beers, and this is where it gets good. I dont think I saw any Miller Light or Bud. If you went to the Loveland Dist. truck (who distributes Miller here), you could only get stuff like Guinness and Blue Moon.

After having a few beers, we went back to our friends for some BLT’s, and then headed on home. we had a few people over, and watched ‘Lucky Number Slevin‘…which I really liked.

Now im in the mood to just GET THINGS DONE. I got some stuff cleaned up on the computer, Updated a few things, been cleaning, etc. Some other things on tap include some programing as well as getting some stuff done on the Troop website.

Listening To: ‘Going Once’ by Any DiFranco


6 thoughts on “Random keeps things going…

  1. So am I :). It was quite a bit of fun, and I already want to go back and look around more. I meant to call you this weekend since I spent almost all of it in Oregon Hill, but i didnt know what was going on from one moment to the next 🙂

  2. Missed you both at Church on Sunday! Nice to hear you have time for all the other things in life. Love ya, Mom

  3. Yeah, someone kept calling us OVER and OVER and OVER again sunday morning….we couldnt get to sleep 🙂

  4. So, why didn’t you answer the phone if you weren’t asleep? You dad came to Sunday School and Church!

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