AOL’s Greenhouse – and an AIM Light…

So when checking the ‘Download Squad’, one of my daily (or, hourly) RSS feeds, I saw ‘AIM Light’ come across the wire. Of course this REALLY got my attention.

So I click through, and I first get to something called ‘AOL Greenhouse‘. I really had not seen this yet. It seems to be a new site/service from AOL since they have become more ‘public’ and a content/app provider like Google/MS/whoever rather than an ISP.

This site is actually pretty cool. Many ‘new’ projects are hosted and kept there, in a beta like state, until they are made more public.

One of the new products is a app called “AIM ET“, which is actually like an AIM Light. It has a nice, fresh new UI, Tabs, Logs, etc. I already installed it at home, and will try it out a little more. The only BIG thing that I like that it is missing is SOUND! It also looks like you cant even set custom away messages. Also, unf, its listed as being a preview and ‘may expire’.

From my previous AIM client reviews, a very streamlined app is what I need. Seeing that AOL wants to actually provide one is also pretty awesome. It also DOESNT HAVE ADS! They also recently released a new version of  Triton which was now being called “AIM 6”, which I may need to check out. Lastly, I finally got Miranda IM working, but have not had the time to really USE it to report. Hopefully, in the next week, I will have an update on these 3, which are at the top of my list.

Listening To: ‘The Battle Of One’ by 30 Seconds to Mars


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