Adding extra IP’s to one network interface in RHL and Mac OS 10.4

When hosting some web services, it really makes sense to sometimes to have more than one IP on a machine. This is extremely useful when using SSL certs and you want to have IP-based virtual hosting.

On the Mac, this is very easy. All you have to do is

  1. Go to System Preferences -> Network.
  2. Select Network Port Configurations from the Show menu.
  3. Select the interface you want to add the extra IP to (for example, Built-in Ethernet), and click Duplicate.
  4. Now you can name it something like ‘Built-in Ethernet .YYY’ for your other IP.
  5. Hit apply.
  6. Now, in the Show menu, select the new port config you just made.
  7. Make your changes, and hit apply.
  8. Your done!

As far as doing this in RedHat Linux (or one of the RedHat based distros like Fedora Core or CentOS ), it is almost just as easy to do from the command line!

  1. Go to the /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ directory
    cd /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/
  2. Copy the interface file that you want to add the IP to, and give it the same name as the current file, with ‘:0’ added (or :1, :2, depending on how many IPs are on this interface).
    cp ifcfg-eth0 ifcfg-eth0:0
  3. Edit the new file, and you only have to change a few things
    1. Change IPADDR= to your new IP address
    2. Change DEVICE= to add :0 (depending if this is the 2nd IP on that interface)
    3. remove DHCP_HOSTNAME (or set it to what it needs to be)
    4. remove the HWADDR entry
  4. Save the file that you just were working on
  5. Restart the network interfaces
    /etc/init.d/network restart
  6. Done!

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The new .Mac webmail!

So Apple finally updated their .Mac webmail service last night, and I got a chance to mess with it this morning. I have a .Mac account for work (which I really only use to be able to recomend it to other users or some of the sync services).

The new webmail has a VERY Web 2.0 feel, and looks JUST like you were using on your mac. You can drag and drop messages  between folders, use hot keys like ‘n’ to create a new message, etc.

And the most surprising thing  – it works GREAT in Safari?

When I first heard about this update, that was the first thing to come to mind. If anyone has tried to use many web 2.0 apps (like gmail, calendar, etc), Safari just DOESNT work. While yes, there is bias and Apple may have done some of their usual magic, they did a GREAT job.

I personally prefer this interface MORE than gmail. Im not sure what it is, but the ‘classic’ mail application (with folders, 3 panes, etc) is a lot easier for me to use. But then again, gmail’s interface is VERY amazing and has many benifits that put it at the front of the group.

I would not recomend getting a .Mac account for just this new Mail, but if you already have your account, this new UI is A LOT better than the old (circa Mac OS X 10.2) look.

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How to update your Ubuntu Server through the command line

So, before I go and wipe my Ubuntu server to switch over to Fedora or the like, I decided to try to run some updates to see if that helped anything. To my surprise, I was running Ubuntu 5.10. To my luck, 6.10 came out yesterday!

With this machine being an older Celeron, its near impossible to get anything to work in the GUI. So most of the time I just use on my Mac or PuTTY on my Windows machine. I do all of my updates with ‘apt-get‘, the fun and easy to use Debian package manager. I wanted to do a little writeup on how to do operating system updates for anyone that is interested. Once the update is done, ill check out some of this samba stuff and see if it helped at all!

  1. First you need to update /etc/apt/sources.list. Just open it up with your favorite editor
    sudo vi /etc/apt/sources.list
  2. Since I was using 5.10, at the end of all the URL’s it should say ‘breezy’. You need to change all of these to ‘edgy’. Write the file out and quit.
  3. Next, we need to update the source list by using the following command
    sudo apt-get update
  4. To upgrade to the new distro, just enter dist-upgrade!
    sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
  5. It will ask you if you want to update all of these packages, just say yes. Also, I had a few times that I had to hit ‘OK’ to confirm some postfix stuff. Since im not running any mail services, I dont need to set this up. Just keep an eye on the update since these messages delay the update.
  6. You may have to force some installs/updates. If so (I had to do this), just enter
    sudo apt-get -F install
  7. Once the upgrade is complete (it took mine forever since I was also downloading a trial game AND cygwin), restart your machine
    sudo shutdown -r now
  8. Done!

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Crappy foot and the Pumpkins!

We went to the pumpkin patch on Sunday with Deb’s mom and some of the kids and some friends. Debs stepdad’s family owns the farm, so we get everything for free and get to choose over a large ammount of stuff. Debs and I brought home 4 pumpkins, nate another 5. So currently, I have 9 pumpkins taking over our kitchen. Tonight we get to cut them all up, etc. Of course I will take pictures. Were even making our office festive, which more will come on that :)Over the weekend too, I managed to really mess up my foot. I had a spell a month or two ago where my foot felt broken for about a week, then just cleared up. Saturday morning when getting out of bed, it started all over again. It comes and goes daily, and right now is getting worse. Oh well, I sit at a desk most of the time, so its not too bad.

Lastly, I think im getting rid of ubuntu. I have been meeting to install Windows Vista RC2 on my main machine (removing my Ubuntu 6.06 install). I also have been trying to do some admin stuff on my server (which is also running 6.06), which is just not working the way I want it to. While I feel Ubuntu is GREAT for the desktop, its really lacking server side. I plan on installing at least FC4 onto that older box, and then copying all of my data back to it. I even had a writeup on getting SMB setup on Ubuntu, since their is really no good documentation in the first place, but I just can not get it to work right, which is really sparking my change.

Apple Software Update for Windows in action!

As I mentioned before, Apple added ‘Software Update for Windows’ to the iTunes 7 download. With some speculation, it looks like Apple would be pushing out updates to tools like iTunes and QuickTime (and any other possible future Apple apps) using this. Well, when iTunes 7.0.1 came out, I didnt get the update through here (this was almost after a 3 days of waiting to see if it did work).

When I got to my machine today, I noticed that it had pushed an update out, and thought I would take some shots. Funny enough, its and update for the program itself….



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68th National Folk Festival and other weekend activities

This weekend was the 68th National Folk Festival, hosted again here in Richmond, VA. We went last year, and loved it. This year was definitely 10 times better. Not only were there more interesting (to me) bands, it also just felt SO much larger too.

We got there around 2, walked around a little (ran into quite a few people we know as well), and then went back to see The Quebe Sisters Band play. Its ‘Texas Fiddle’ with a little Jazz and Western, which is a nice mix. Also, the girls would sing in harmony making it sound JUST like older (20’s-40’s) western. If you closed your eyes, you def. felt like you were listening to a recording coming out of an old radio or LP. They covered Duke Ellington’s (who happens to be one of my FAVORITE jazz artists) “Take The A Train”, which was amazing. They also finished off with “Georgia on my mind”, which was just as good. You can download some of their songs on their website.
Next we went to the main stage to see Don Vappie and the Creole Jazz Serenaders. They play authentic New Orleans Jazz, which also happens to be some of my favorite types of jazz. They had a great mix they played, so each and every song had a different feel. Unf, I didnt get any of their albums, but I think they topped my list in performances over the weekend.

After Don Vappie, we went to the other side of the festival to see the Skatalites. The skatalites are considered the creators of Ska music, over 40 years ago! This was a much more ‘upbeat’ group than some of the others, of course. People dancing all over the place, including this one middle aged guy REALLY getting down (and of course his wife was shaking her head in embarrassment). Cool enough – debs actually REALLY liked them (which I was kinda surprised me). So, I may actually buy some of their stuff, but they also have a few free MP3’s on their site as well that I will be sure to download.

For the rest of the night, we went to one ‘housewarming’ party, but left after about 15 min. because the cops showed up. Next we went to the house of one of the guys I was in the IS program with, which was nice as well.

Sunday was pretty much making a HUGE breakfast, and then doing various things around the house, including almost finishing up debs laptop. I have put the Toshiba image on, and took everything she didnt need off (which was a LOT), and then still need to install a few more items. This week I do hope to start writing up some of my posts on the old Mac days, as well as possibly publish some other posts I had sitting around.

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