First ‘opened’ Facebook notes…

As I mentioned yesterday, opened up to allow anyone to join that wanted to. When I got home, I sat down with Debs to create her an account and walk her through setting everything up and adding friends.

To start, it was VERY easy. All she had to do is enter in her email address, and then enter in which network she wanted to join (of course, in her case, it was Richmond, VA). This menu had a really cool AJAX script that would auto complete for you as well. Then, she could set up her cell phone to link it to her account as well.

Immed., she could see all of my friends and their profiles that had their profile also marked as being in the Richmond network. She could also click through ALL of my friends, and add them that were OUTSIDE her network. This means, so, we just added all of my friends to her account to get her up to speed.

When searching, she can’t look any further than Richmond. The really only way for her to add someone outside of the Richmond network is to add them through someone elses friend list. So, for example, she could ONLY add VCU people that I had added, and no more.

When looking through my Mini-Feed this morning, I found it interesting that groups were still forming to ‘keep facebook closed’. I really dont know if these people didnt know that facebook was actually open for a while to WORK groups. That, and many people see this opening as a way for facebook to go downhill.

I really dont think so, and I made those comments yesterday. After signing in under Debs account, the security is really locked down, unlike myspace. Also, there is much tighter control over the look and feel of Facebook, which doesnt seem to be changing anytime soon either. In many cases, Facebook is the web 2.0 version now of what MySpace could be/have been.

I would post screenshots of the new user signup, but its really not worth it since it looks IDENTICAL to the rest of facebook.

Listening To: ‘Hey You’ by Pink Floyd


One thought on “First ‘opened’ Facebook notes…

  1. Hmmm I’ll have to check it out, especially since I’m a student, then again, it would be one more thing to keep up with? hmmm

    Dudeee….Pink Floyd……awesome 🙂

    Hey Debs!

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