Now everyone can join facebook!

Well, after some time now, Facebook has now opened up to everyone, as long as you are invited from someone already on facebook. This is great, espc. for people like Debs.

She graduated long before Facebook was around (most of us did of course). She also didnt really go back to school, just right into work. So since facebook has become more and more popular, she has been using my account to keep in touch with people and check out whats going on. I always wished there was SOME way to add her, so people could directly link to her, as well as send her invites, etc.

I sent her an invite today, and hope to help her set it up tonight. Then, we will go on a friend adding spree catching her up to speed. Ill write more about the process once we go through it, and what its like being a new public facebook user.

The one thing I like the most about this new addition? Its still very private. Not everyone can sign up yet. Little kids cant go and put an insane ammount of images and code into their profiles. Groups and Events are REALLY nice.

Listening To: ‘Tonight, Tonight’ by The Smashing Pumpkins


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