I need to cut my ears off!

So, Elliot in the Morning played the new Paul Stanley song ‘Live To Win’ (click here to go to it in the iTunes Store)this morning, and man, Im glad I didnt buy it! And yall KNOW im a pretty big KISS fan.
Paul sounds great for how old he is. And the band behind him actually is pretty awesome too. But the song itself, trash! The song reminds me so much of Bon Jovi’s ‘Its My Life’, which sucks. Will I knew about this album for a while, I really hope its not all like this.

But I did get to thinking – what if this is what KISS could sound like now? I think the real reason KISS cant survive is that they cant be that orig. anymore, and really all of their songs are really crappy as well. But if they could actually ROCK, like they used too, they could have really made a difference, but oh well…

In other news, again had a ‘old fart that shouldnt be driving’ event. I was leaving the Gym, and this black older Grand Prix I needed to pass decided to be an ass and not let me get over, so I punched the gas and moved.  Of course then he decided while we were stopped to get out of his car, come to mine, bang on the window, and ask me ‘where did you learn to drive’.

I promptly responded ‘school’, and drove off. You silly old guy. Im sorry you got so upset from your road rage.


One thought on “I need to cut my ears off!

  1. Hey Honey, you really need to be careful. People are really crazy these days. That guy that got out of the car and came over to you could have killed you. Please, Please, Please BE CAREFUL. Love, Mom

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