This is a test with writely

So, a little while ago, Google took over ‘Writely’, an online Word Processing App. Just the other day, google accounts were enabled, so then I can log into writely just as I do gmail and gcal (actually, it logged in for me when I went to the site). It works GREAT in Camino, which Im using right now.

Some of the really nice features is the ability to have group collaboration, as well as being able to share your documents however you want. You can also upload a wide range of file formats, as well as then download a range of formats too, including PDF files.

But one of the most interesting features, which I am trying now, is being able to post to a blog FROM writely, and included support for Blogger (of course) as well as WordPress and I think LiveJournal (and a few others). And if you are hosting you own Blog and using one of the popular blogging tools, that works too.

I really dont have much use for this otherwise, except just another cool toy from Google to play with. Over time, espc. if integrated with other Google Apps, will make this a GREAT program to use.

Update: well, while it did submit the story, it does look like I had to log in to actually PUBLISH the entry. Thats ok though, this would be great ESPC. if I had premade (like MS Word Doc files) that I wanted to use as posts. Oh well, it was worth a try!

Listening To: ‘Dont Stop The Rock’ by The Chemical Brothers


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