Some real news about the Wii!

$250 and on Nov. 19th.

I think this is the first console EVER I plan to buy ASAP. While im not really a gamer, a set-top box like this is PERFECT. You can surf the web, display media like Photos and movies, etc. And also, just for about $5 bucks, you can download old NES games, so Debs can play ALL THE SUPER MARIO BROS 3 she WANTS! And of course it can play all my GameCube media, which is awesome!

Of course, the Wii itself as a gaming platform is amazing too. While it may not be the powerhouse one would dream of, the way you play the games is what gets me. Being able to ‘go through the motions’ of fishing to fish in the games, to swing the controler to hit a baseball, now that is just COOL.

Listening To: ‘Lost In Hollywood’ by System of a Down


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