Apple Software Update on Windows

I just installed iTunes 7 at home, and running its updates now, so it will download all of my artwork as well as the gapless data. I have been playing with iTunes 7 on the Mac for a little bit now, and its pretty amazing.

One of the cool new features that they added to the Windows side (but didnt mention) is Apple Software Update. Mac’s of course have this feature already, and show you updates to all your standard Apple software (iWork, iLife, Pro stuff, etc). Now, this is available in Windows as well (though, you only really update iTunes and QuickTime). This means, no more having to download updates from the website, as well as more automated updates as well. Unless, of course, Apple has bigger plans down the line…

Below is a screenshot that I took…

Apple Software Update on Windows

Think of it the same way Windows does updates. You can go to the website and check, or have their automated system updater run every now and then.

Ill post a beter review, possibly tonight, on iTunes 7, and any diff. I see between the Mac and PC. I did notice that when trying to use the new Cover Flow feature, I had an error stating “iTunes is unable to browse the album covers on this computer”. Looking quickly, this may be due to me using RDC to connect.

I also plan to eventually review any possible updates to the COM interface to iTunes on Windows, and being able to develop Windows programs that work with iTunes.

Listening To: ‘Reflection’ by Tool


5 thoughts on “Apple Software Update on Windows

  1. If you’re using RDP theres a change you’re on 2003 (like I am)
    You must make sure you run DXDIAG.EXE and enable DirectX for this control to work.
    WHen I did that it instantly appeared without even having to restart itunes:-)
    works really nicely

  2. Hmmm… a hidden install. Akin to malware if you ask me(I Googled to see WTH this thing was that was trying to gain access and seen this place).

    Bad form Apple!

  3. Bad from Apple? WHAT?

    Its not a hidden install. If you check some other posts around the net about it, it asks you if you would like to install this to ‘manage updates for your Apple software’. I just forgot to mention that in the first place, or take a screenshot of it.

    I do see where you are coming from because, yes, in the end, its telling Apple what you have installed, so you can download something new, but so does Windows update.

    I do find it odd thought that they went through the trouble of this system though, given that they really have only TWO windows products, QuickTime and iTunes….

  4. I agree with “Bad Form Apple.” Thats “form” not “from” Since this program is so rudimentary and the help file is practically nonexistent, I thought a hacker had spoofed Apple to put malware on my PC. I had to call Apple tech support to verify its legitimacy. I was transferred and put on hold several times before I got the answer that this is indeed from Apple but obviously this is not well known to Apple techs. It seems that if you use Apple products on a Windows-based PC you are a second class citizen. Makes me regret the $180 bucks I spent to get my daughter an IPod.

  5. Yeah, of course I just saw that I mis-read.

    The thing is, it asks you if you want to install this software – therefore not really Malware. Its int he setup for the new iTunes, near the bottom. It also may just be the ‘mindset’ of a windows user compared to a Mac user as well. For example, I dont care if my computer contacts some mothership to see if I need updates for something. But for Windows users, its immed. malware.

    Though, I dont see how that would make you regret buying an iPod…just because Apple now support some type of software that updates itself?

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