AIM – ok, I made up my mind (for now)

So, all in all, AOL does seem to actually make the best product for windows. After my many trials, downloads, installs, and uninstalls, I have made up my mind (again) and am using AIM Triton beta.


Well, it has awesome features like Tabs, Logs, and a pretty nice looking interface. Also, very much of the entire system is going open source, and AOL does offer a pretty nice API as well. Lastly, a little toy I downloaded from this place.

Yup kids, no ads. And it really in the end looks very sharp! That plugin also installs some of the new AIM gadgets, which can track your songs in iTunes, etc. Since AOL really cant seem to keep their backend systems reliable with 3rd party clients, this has been the best way to go! Also, new updates seem to be available weekly, so if you can stand the ads, you get some new features almost every week! I highly recomend this client to most people, like me, who are stuck having to use AIM for certian reasons. It will at least make your IM’s a little more enjoyable.

Listening To: ‘Shoot the Moon’ by Norah Jones

Update – Matt left a comment about using AIMunition and an older version of AIM. I have to say, THIS IS AMAZING. I actually like it a whole lot. It removes the ads, has tabs, and even lets you skin AIM, which is an AWESOME feature. While I tried it out and messed with it some, I think I will be staying with Triton mainly due to overall look and feel. I was not able to find any skins in my ‘quick’ search that I even liked. When not using skins, certian features like the tab’s had too much of a year 2000 feel to them that I really didnt like. I would HIGHLY recommend this route (older version of AIM and AIMunition) for someone with a slower machine where Triton feels sluggish.


2 thoughts on “AIM – ok, I made up my mind (for now)

  1. Interesting to see you went with Triton!

    Back when I was a Windows user I used AIM 5.2.3292 (available at Old Version) and AIMUTATION together to have AD-free, tabbed, simple, classic instant messaging. It probably still works to this day well, but I’m in a much better world.

    Good to see you putting some good literature out there. Can’t wait to see the OS X browser comparison 🙂

  2. Im sure a lot of people would have been supprised to. Of course, you know me, id much rather be on my Mac in the first place. Which, with the updates released today, we may go ahead and pick up a Mini or a Core 2 Duo iMac (we will see).

    I saw AIMUTATION as well, i thought. I didnt know it was ‘once’ an open source project. When looking for it before, it was totally a ‘$4.99’ special. I may have to change it all up and look again :).

    As far as OS X Browser comparison, thanks for the idea! I work with about 4 on my machine, for various reasons. Ill post about it soon! Just keep in mind…SAFARI is at the END of that list.

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