AIM Client Shootout – Part II (this time with more 35% more shooting!)

(wow…i dont know what that title was supposed to mean…)

So, after using Gaim for a little while, I started to get REALLY ticked. It just really doesnt look pretty! So, over the weekend, I messed with AIM, AIM Triton, and Gaim beta a little more. Trillian is out, since mainly it really has no development anymore, and it was the main cause of me looking for something else in the first place.

This time, I have DEFINED requirements for what I need, which are

  • Logging ( almost the top – mainly because I like having the history when needed)
  • Not tear up resources on my machine
  • Tabbed message windows
  • A nice look

Of course, the old school AIM client is thrown out pretty much. But, quite a few extensions exist for the old AIM client, which lets me keep it in this decision.

Some other features I wanted were…

  • Be able to use plugins
  • Connect to multiple chat services
  • integrate well with the system

My current state was using the latest Windows version of Gaim, using the Bluecurve theme (which to me, ends up looking the best). I was only using AIM on this durring this time.

I first tried out AIM again…this time using an older build that came with an AIM ad remover. This setup worked great, but would not let me use the plugin (AIM+) set that I wanted. When using a WIDE range of ‘free’ AIM plugins, none of them worked together to get me what I wanted, or worked with any newer (i.e. past 2002) builds of AIM. The one thing I DONT like about the AIM client is also most developers charge a VERY small, stupid ($5) fee to use their outdated plugins. So I only got as far with AIM as being able to use it without any ads, but not fitting any of my other requirements.

Next was to try out Triton, again. The newer builds are MUCH faster, and dont seem to hold up your machine as much. While you do have logging and tabs, you still have ad’s as well. That, and there is very little integration with anything. I do like the look and feel of everything, but for some reason, it just ‘feels’ dirty and like spyware. I installed/removed/installed about 4 times total, because I would like it JUST enough, but then just get very annoyed at REALLY small things.

So my final step has been trying out Gaim 2.0 Beta v 3. This has been the best so far. Very snappy, and actually reliable for Beta software. I can use my multiple accounts, log my chats, and use tabs! Also, the interface looks a ‘little’ more modern now as well. I just hope eventually, gaim would be able to use more themes than the 3 it comes with.

I may keep AIM Triton installed just in case, and switch back and forth. I personally like using the Google Talk client since it also checks my mail, etc., so having multiple accounts in one chat client isnt that big of a deal for me. I think I could get by with the few ads here and there for the best looks and support.

Listening To: ‘Mr Self Destruct’ by Nine Inch Nails


One thought on “AIM Client Shootout – Part II (this time with more 35% more shooting!)

  1. Thanks for trying out the new AIM Triton. We’d love to hear about those little things that keep you from making it your primary AIM client, though, so we can do better in our next release. Drop us a line via the message boards at (You’ll need to sign in with your AIM screen name).
    (Chief Architect, AOL)

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