They are alive!

Theres something ive been wanting to see for a long time. Word that someone on the Mac BU at Microsoft STILL worked there, and that they may write a line of code or two now and then.

Well, on tuesday, this new blog started. Its members, espc. of those working on the Mac version of Office, blogging! This is so nice! I have read a few of them, and its some great stuff to read. Its great, a lot of it makes me think back to the ‘old’ days, and espc. working with Microsoft products on the Mac in the 90’s.

Ive also been thinking of starting my own set of posts soon, but first I need to determine how I want to present it, how ‘news-worthy’ it is, and how to keep in interesting. I will tell everyone soon what these are going to be about, and I really hope you come back to check them out!


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