Positive Press for ‘Google Apps for you Domain’

Its crazy just how much negative press there is out there in the day that Google App’s for your Domain came out (btw…the Scoble link above really isnt negative, and I really haven’t even listened to the podtech show either). But, who is this Om guy, and why is he so special to say ‘he doesnt want google apps for the domain due to privacy’?

I personally think this is awesome. As mentioned here before, both crazy-train.net and bsatroop759.org are registered in this program (we were registered before Google released this newest part though). And as I mentioned before, if anyone is interested in signing up for a ‘crazy-train.net’ Google App’s ID, let me know, and I will set you up.

Privacy, Shmimacy. The guy complains with a link to the privacy disclosure. Did this not pop into his head earlier that Google was hosting this stuff? And moreso, haven’t sysadmins and domain admins always had access to this stuff? Wow, someone OTHER than you can read YOUR email, isnt that SCARY!

Privacy is actually a large interest of mine, espc. in the IT field. So stuff like this concerns me, but only to an extent. The other side of me sees the pros of the service, and the understanding that this is a tradeoff. Of course, if I was a large IT company, I wouldnt need this. But for smaller compaines, which this software targeted to, is PERFECT.

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4 thoughts on “Positive Press for ‘Google Apps for you Domain’

  1. Well, read about OM before asking who he is and what his status is with respect to his comments and reviews.

    What part of google apps for your domain did u like apart from its free? You might go for it if your users are not sharing any sensitive information. If your company is into IP generation, obviously you do not want anyone to read those mails atleast, screen those mails to display ads.

    How much a mail server costs? How much an outlook license costs? All these costs are usually accounted for when you are an IP generation company.

    And this is why OM was skeptical and rest of the world who think on his lines.

  2. Oh, I totally understand the ‘privacy’ issue, I was just suprissed how ‘big’ it was, mainly due to the fact that this is the same stuff you have with Gmail. So, I would figure one would simply decide ‘mail stays on their servers, so no, i dont like that’. Im supprised so many people were ‘out of the loop on that’, and then someone says ‘no’, and then everyone is blown away and thinks google is going to read their email non stop.

    I also like the intergration. Mail can read ICS files, then read my calendar, and let me add something. Imagine doing that with Outlook. Hell, Outlook ONLY supports READING in once a ICS File…its 2006, and it cant subscribe to one?

    I actually do know how much a mailserver costs, I do this stuff for a living. Thing is, there are a few clients where stuff like gCal is PERFECT for them (and there sure as hell ISNT a product that matches it and that WORKS out there, ive tried em all). But there are a ton of clients where id never even think about letting someone else host their stuff.

    I use Google Apps for one of my domains, and its perfect! I also just found it odd about OM, mainly caus I never had heard of him before, and secondly i cant really even tell what he does. So why I was wondering is moreso along the lines of ‘why is this so big because this guy said no’.

  3. Notice on OM’s website he has ZOHO as a sponsor. And I think ZOHO is a competitor to some of the stuff google is doing. I just read an article in Info World on Desktop web apps and both google and ZOHO were in there.

    I’m not posting this to dis anyone but I just wanted to point it out.

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