AIM Client Shootout

Due to the recent issues with 3rd Party AIM clients, I have been trying to reconsider what AIM client I use on the PC. For years, I have been using Trillian, and really liked it. Buts more and more often, it is giving me problems, which has pushed me to the edge.

So of course, every AIM client I know has their pro’s and con’s, so its almost taking the less of all evils.

I like GAIM, but to me, the look is what kills it. I personally use Gaim on the Mac, but its actually Adium. Otherwise, I would be sticking with Gaim right now, other than the fact it may have some of the same ‘Rate Limiting’ errors I talked about before. But, for the pros, Gaim I have used the most other than trillian, and is my prefered linux AIM client. I also like how small it is, as well as being able to still use plugins. On Windows, there even are extra ‘wingaim’ options to help you merge windows and Gaim better.

The AOL AIM clients are ok. I actually like the way AIM Triton looks, as well as acts, but with the AIM clients you have ads. The major pro is that I dont have to work about AIM not working, since Im using their client. The old AIM just seems so ‘outdated’ and lacks certian features I like, like logging, plugins, etc.

Trillian has been my favorite for a long time, but its starting to get slow (it always has for me actually). That, and more recently, its just been acting stupid! I dont know what it is, but if i try to connect/disconnect while im on RDC…it locks the machine up? WTF?!

So for now, im actually going to stick with GAIM. It is the least bloated, quick, and can be quite small on the desktop. It also has many of the features that I really liked from AIM Triton, Trillian, and of coure Adium.

Listening To: ‘Here For Now’ by Ani DiFranco


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