Where do old people go?

So this post is a total rant. And after the crap I have already put up with today, I could really give a crap less :). But, lets all make one thing clear…

Old people SHOULD NOT drive.

In most cases, espc. for Mr. ‘I did something in the miltary’ grandpa on 64 eastbound sunday mid day, you should not even be in public. I honestly could care less what you did for this country, what you do for a living, to me, you should be locked in a room all day and play bingo.

The actions of this man we saw on sunday are what KILLS people.

Crap, one old lady was sooooo nice enough (well her insurance was) to buy me a new car when she went through a red light because she throught it was green. I hit the old lady at about 50 MPH, head on (in my case). That old hag is also why my back feels so bad at times.

Sunday, heading back home, this old guy i mentioned above, decided it was his day to play traffic cop. I was 5 CAR LENGTHS behind him, and he SLAMS his breaks. Nose dives into the ground. Then speeds off. He would never really let me see him though, would zoom off when I got close. Mind you, the closest I EVER got to this car was when changing lanes to get off at the Parham exit. But, the ENTIRE time on the interstate, he was slamming his breaks, swerving into lanes of people coming at him (mind you, when not pissing people off, he was driving like every other old person), etc. He also decided that waving his arms (and not holding the wheel) was a great idea too.

Yeah, we all have road rage at times, and I used to have it VERY bad. But in the words of Monty Python, ‘im gettin betta’.

But when people like this ASS put my wife, family, friends, or I in danger, it actually gets me deeply angry, espc. because of my story I mentioned above when I wrecked my car. Road rage can be very dangerous. I was lucky I can control myself now to not want to hurt that guy…(mainly because Im sure he has whatever he needs coming to him eventually).

So, sunday, we got home safe…but it made me think. It made me angry. But most of all, it made me worry. Worried about my readers, my family, my wife, and my friends. We have got to watch out for asses like this.

Again, sorry for the rant. This has been yet another crappy day, and Im starting to find out why things have just been so darn bad recently. Maybe I will talk about it, maybe I wont.

Listening To: ‘Sweetest Thing’ by U2


One thought on “Where do old people go?

  1. Well, sorry about the old guy’s driving, however, you are not known for your patience when it comes to driving “Mr I’ve gotta be first…no one in front of me”!
    Patience my son, patience…
    Sorry about the “crappy days” lately…maybe you need to talk about what’s on your mind. I’m always here for you sweety. Hugs & Smiles, Love, Mom

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