Tips from a veteran, eh?

I saw this come across digg this afternoon. Pretty interesting read, but you dont get much from it. Im starting to get amazed on just how much ‘crap’ gets pushed to the main page on digg. I used to love digg for its new, fresh, bleeding edge stories. Most of the stuff I see come by now is old news (to me, at least). It is stuff that is good for everyone to know though, except when someone has such a ‘weird’ view at what they are writing about.

If you read towards the end of the article, he makes some ‘cons’ about the Mac. For eample, Office for the Mac. Dont get it, espc. if you have an intel mac. You can easily get Neo Office, or just use iWork, which is SO much better. And what the heck does he mean ‘its always better to use a Mac version ….than to keep using your Windows version on the Mac. Things work better this way‘. Is he meaning running it in parallels/BootCamp, if so, it doesnt matter! I really hope he wasnt thinking that windows stuff would run ‘native’ on his Mac.

Listening To: ‘The Battle of Evermore’ by Led Zeppelin.


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