What I am doing with crazy-train.net

Well, I just finished most of the transfer. While I really liked Dreamhost, I moved my DNS over to GoDaddy so I had full control over it. Also, its a little cheaper than dreamhost (got two years for 7.99, than 9.99 a year with Dreamhost). I did hear that GoDaddy wasnt the best idea for hosting…but I dont plan on doing that.

As far as email, I didnt have any hits on people wanting to test out ‘Gmail for your domain’, so I dont think im going to use it, yet. GoDaddy gave me one free email, so if anyone is still sending me mail to my old email, it will forward to my Gmail (jmlumpkin) acct. Debs already has a gmail account, so its really no use to me. I will be using gmail for the domain on my other domain, bsatroop759.org when the transfer for it is done. If anyone is interested though, ill go ahead and set it up on crazy-train.net…

Lastly, in the next 48 hours at the most, http://www.crazy-train.net should be forwarding here. Hopefully this works 🙂


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