Facebook Blogging?

(psst…if you catch this post because you went to http://jmlumpkin.com/blog , I have moved everything back to the top of the domain. Update your bookmarks to go to just http://jmlumpkin.com!)

This week, Facebook added a new feature that allows you to start having ‘notes’ on your account. These notes are basically just another way to blog. Using some other features already built into Facebook, you can edit the privacy of your notes, as well as link your notes with notes of your friends.

One of the things I like the most though is that Facebook also added a feature to let you ‘import’ notes from an external blog, i.e. WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal, etc. Now that is cool. Basically you give it the RSS/feed of your blog, and it imports them in. It also will check over time, to add new ‘notes’ for the new blog entries you make. I like it.

I always love having more people view my blog. Im also going to try a little harder to start writing more posts, espc. ones dealing with things more than just my weekend recaps. Hopefully with this new ‘front’, I may gain a few more readers, as well as more networking with this site in general.

Due to the fact that you do have to have an account with facebook to see those posts, and not everyone can get accounts (for example, debs doesnt have an acct, but uses mine), I will not be making posts on Facebook other than ones that are imported from here. If I do, they would be very specific to my ‘friends’ or ‘groups’ on facebook, or in response to someones post that doesnt have an external blog.

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2 thoughts on “Facebook Blogging?

  1. Tried the blogging part out? Or the facebook part alone?

    yesterday, I imported all of my posts into Facebook, and it checks every little bit of time for a new post. I dont think it carries over comments though, not sure. A friend left a comment on my AIM issue in facebook as well.

    As far as importing posts, it works great…and very behind the scenes. Like I said above though…not really sure how often Im actually going to post over there though. You do get notifications on comments and things like that too, which is nice.

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