‘Rate Limit Error’ using 3rd party AIM clients

I still use AIM for work, as well as personally since most of my friends still use it and not stuff like Google Talk. I personally use Trillian at home, and Adium at work for my personal account and iChat for my work account.

Well, since Thursday of last week, I would keep getting kicked off, and when I tried to sign in, I would get these ‘rate limiting errors’ back from AOL. I was having the same problem at home as well. If I tried getting on AIM here at work, it would kick me off and tell me that I can not connect for 10 minutes or so, since I was trying to connect to often!

It looks like on Thursday AOL did some updates to their service and it seems that they lowered the rate you can gather data when you login. If you use their client, it works great. But if you use something else, you can have a range of errors.

This is caused because of how most 3rd party AIM clients work. Adium for example, polls their server to get all your buddies away messages, icons, etc. Well, if you have a ‘larger’ buddy list, like mine with 80 or so people, you pull quite a bit of data, and AOL doesnt like that.

If you are on a Mac, I have noticed moving up to the newest Adium Beta (1.0b9) works GREAT! The new beta also has a few other features that are very nice, and the interface has a few upgrades as well. Trillian 3.1 doesnt seem to have this error much for me. I think the reason I got kicked off at home was due to Adium going crazy and kicking my screenname off.

Listening To: ‘Sorrows (In Blue)’ by Billy Corgan


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