A Day Away

This weekend was nice. Saturday just did some yard work at moms, and then hung out around the house until a housewarming party that night. Left the party shortly before 12, came home, and passed out.

Sunday we went to the beach! Finally, a day away from this often very annoying town. I only really got into the water once or twice, mainly just layed on the beach while we were there. It was good to just have a day, with no phone, no computer, nothing, except my awesome wife and best friends.

We went to the go kart place down there as well, which was nice, but really pissed me off in the end. Debs got spun around on the road track, and then some worker yelled at her for it being her fault. Then, I did this little figure eight track, and I swear that nate, courtney, and I were the oldest on there. There were all these little black kids swarming everywhere. One girl obviously did not know how to turn or brake. She would bounce off walls all around the track, often slamming HARD into people (i saw her hit courtney once, and it looked like it hurt). Well, coming into the pit area, she went full speed right into a railing. Her car then bounced back about a foot from how hard it hit. Often, people would be worried, but NO ONE AROUND US CARED. Then, some little kid went FULL SPEED into the back of my car too, stopped, and hurt my back pretty bad.

Obviously, I really never want to go to that place. Again.

Today, im back at work, and really dont want to be here. Everyone is off tomorrow, and I want to be as well. But, I have to work. If I even TRIED asking, they would complain that Im the only here and still down a little bit on ‘vacation’ hours. Sometimes, you just wonder what it would be like to just jump in your car and drive away anyways.

All I want to do now is go home, and get back in bed. I dont want to sit on this computer. I dont want to go outside. I just want to lay down, clear my head, and just stay away from everything, except those that I love.

Listening To: ‘When you say nothing at all’ by Allison Krauss


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